What Makes A Finished Basement Idea Beautiful?

Countless of magazines and coffee table books never lack pictures of beautiful basements. It’s only natural for you to want to remodel your current basement’s look. You want to make it look good and functional. Perhaps you dream that your friends would take pictures of it and send it to some of their friends too. So how do you make your finished basement idea come to life and beautiful?

Pre-Remodeling – Beautifying your basement requires preliminary stages. It all begins with your concept. You had it pictured in your mind right from the start. Assuming your basement is 50% complete, it should be the right time to lead this project into how you want your basement to really look like.

Windows and Moldings – Start with the basic facilities. Inspect the windows, moldings, drainage and ducting, safety issues and even your appliances that plan to put there. Often times, these preliminary tasks are neglected and when things go wrong, your basement’s interior can be sacrificed. Anticipating this, you can better enjoy the comfort your finished basement idea is suppose to give you.

Flooring Materials – Flooring materials is essential to the overall interior impact of your basement room. Since it is below ground level, the first thing you see when going down is the floor. You hope to create a good impression right away the moment your friends come down to your den. So floors should be part of your plan. Use materials that don’t absorb moisture such as vinyl or tiles. Use colors that are light and matches the feel of the room.

Dry Walls – Keep the walls dry. Home basements are in close contact to the ground. Therefore moisture is frequent. If this is not considered in your finished basement idea early on, moisture can damage your walls. To prevent this, use a drywall covering. Also use an adhesive that doesn’t smell. There are a lot of brands to choose from. Pick the one that you think is best. By keeping your walls dry, you also maintain the beauty of its interior.

Basement Ceiling – The ceiling should be light weight and easy to install. An example of materials that fit this description are acoustic tiles. It’s safe and has aesthetic value. Planning for your finished basement idea, consider this in your list. Acoustic tiles will also allow easy access to pipes and ducts in case of repair or inspection.

Using Glass – Use glass for fixtures such as doors and windows. You can also use glass blocks for your windows. For your doors, have it designed in a way that you can see who is coming up the stairs through the glass mount. Glass also allows more of the natural light to come in.

Decoration – Decorate your basement. If there’s a home theatre, put furniture. If you have a storage room, put some cabinets that look nice with the walls and moldings. If it’s a home office, put a little library with books. Don’t forget, wall frames can accentuate the interior look neatly. Take some time to read magazines or the internet.

Comfort – The things that you must keep in mind in attaining your finished basement idea are comfort and convenience. Your basement should not feel like a basement. Treat it as an extension of your home. With all the pretty colors, expensive materials, and decorations you put in your basement, saying that it is beautiful still boils down to coziness and function.

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