Natural Scents for Your Home


Air fresheners that are store bought can be overpowering and they leave a chemical-like odor in your home. Also, they’re not friendly to the environment. There are many natural scents for your home that can easily transform your home into a fragrant, odor-free space.

Scented candles are an attractive way of adding fragrance to your home, and candles create a lovely atmosphere as well. You are not limited to floral scents that are overpowering since scented candles come in many varieties. Environmentally produced organic scented candles also look attractive. Scented candles which are great for romantic evenings contain an aromatic oil called citronella and it acts as an insect repellent.

Carefully choose fresh cut flowers because they can brighten a room and add a lovely fragrance as well. Lavender and jasmine have a subtle scent, and dried lavender will leave a discreet scent in a room for days. Unless you are picking them from your own garden, smell the bunch of flowers before you buy them – many commercially grown flowers have lost much of their scent, and some are more overpowering than others.

To remove odours that are caused by bacteria you can use air purifiers, ionizers and ozone generator machines which will all actually remove smells rather than masking them.

If you want a subtle scent in your home, plant plants that give off a nice scent near windows and doorways. Considered as good fragrant plants are herbs namely rosemary and various types of mint. Some types of mint make good ground covers, and give off a lovely scent when stepped on. Use mint between stepping stones at an entrance and send a lovely wafting scent throughout the house.

Although incense give a lasting fragrance when they’re burned, you still need to choose the variety carefully. Regardless if they’re popular, the floral ones can be sickly sweet and overwhelming. Burn the incense before your guests arrive if you’re freshening up to welcome them. When it comes to Native Americans, they burn a particular mix of dried leaves and waft the smoke throughout their homes. Besides it being done for spiritual purposes, you can also use fragrant herbs or other plants for this method in order to spread the delicate fragrance throughout the home.

To help scent your home if you have a wood fire, you need to choose the wood you burn. Pine gives off a nice smell, and you may only have to choose the right wood to burn to give your home a fresh, pleasant atmosphere.

Preferable to chemical based ones are natural scents since they not only smell better, they cause less harm to the environment. They may not last as long as air fresheners, but they are far better for you.

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